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About Us

GOBC has been established for over 16 years and is 90% referral based. We are referred by some of the top Real estate Brokerages and by past students. The Instructors at GOBC have a passion for what they do and actually care about the students – you are not just a number to us, but a name!


Yaana K Lyonns

Head Instructor / Founder
Licensed Mortgage Broker

GOBC Real Estate School was founded 16 years ago by Yaana. After a very successful Real estate / Mortgage Career, she felt the whole process with UBC was too complicated and prevented many people from pursuing their dreams; so she decided to simplify it and make it fun – So GOBC was created!

Yaana is very well known for her incredible spirit and her genuine passion for her students; one of the many reasons GOBC is so highly referred by some of the top Brokerages in British Columbia, as well of the thousands of students who dreams she made come true! Yaana is known as the Russian rocket – her phenomenal charisma and energy are felt when she enters the classroom and she makes you feel energized and able to take on the world!

Outside of work Yaana enjoys the outdoors and is regularly found on the slopes with her family – enjoying the thrill of Snowboarding!


Instructor / Private Tutor
Licensed Realtor®

Melanie is the instructor for GOBC’s Langley location. She also provides online help to all GOBC students on the GOBC student learning site and provides an opportunity for one-on-one and small group tutoring, if it is needed.

Melanie’s insights into effective study methods and her clever tricks for passing exams help her to be an effective teacher for her students.

Melanie is a licensed Realtor® in BC and is passionate about her work with her clients. When she is not working or teaching, she enjoys many activities but above all else is her love of animals and her love of knowledge. Melanie’s ability to connect with students is rooted in her desire to always be learning and gaining knowledge.

Margaux Rivas


Margaux is the instructor for GOBC’s Vancouver location.

Sam de la Fosse

Licensed Mortgage Broker

Sam de la Fosse moved here from England and took this very class 4 years ago. He passed with an awesome 89% on his first try. He then went on to work as a Mortgage Underwriter for a bank. After learning the ropes as a lender he moved on to become a successful Mortgage Broker for Verico.

Sam is a math specialist he uses tips, tricks and some humor to help with some of the more difficult math .

Sam moved here due to his love of Skiing and Maple Bacon – he tries to indulge in both at least once every weekend. He is also an avid happy hour enthusiast and can be found hunting out the best beverage deal in Gastown any time after 3pm on a Friday.

Anjali Raj Saxena

Licensed Realtor®

Anjali is the instructor for GOBC’s Coqitlam location.

Coleen Johnson

Student Coordinator

Coleen is student coordinator at GOBC. After spending 20 years working in the Customer Relations, she felt it was time to challenge herself with a new career. One of her greatest passions is helping others and making a difference while doing so.

Born and raised in Delta, BC into a large family of Irish and English decent. Starting at a very young age family had always played an important role in her life and has carried on with her throughout the years. Coleen is well known for her fun personality and sense of humour!

When not working Coleen enjoys spending time with her family and friends and looks for any excuse to hold a party to enjoy their company. She also enjoys getting away with her husband whether it be as simple as camping or travelling to different parts of the world!


Private Tutor
Licensed Realtor®

Ashmita is a successful GOBC graduate who received 90% on UBC’s Real Estate Exam. She now uses the knowledge and effective techniques she’s learned, to teach students as a GOBC Instructor & Private Tutor.

As a licensed Realtor® with the well respected Faith Wilson Group, Ashmita enjoys helping clients obtain their real estate dreams.

When she’s not working you can find Ashmita spending time with her husband and daughter at the beautiful Granville Island or indulge in her obsession for macarons.


Private Tutor
Licensed Mortgage Broker

Iryna was a GOBC student many years ago!

She is a Licensed Mortgage Broker and assists clients with their financial investments and goals.

She has an exceptional in-depth knowledge of Math, combined with the ability to teach others with patience and understanding. She utilizes the GOBC methods of teaching and simplifies the concept of Mortgage Math – which many people find overwhelming.

Students enjoy her warm disposition, personality and her amazing ability to simplify the concept of Math – that so many fear!


Private Tutor
Licensed Realtor®

Jackie is a private instructor at GOBC. Her zany South African sense of humour is infused into her teaching, making the learning process a bit easier and more relatable.

Jackie is a licensed realtor with a passion to help people find their dream home and is also a marketing specialist, giving sellers’ the edge when selling their homes.

Jackie came to Canada from Durban, South Africa in 1994. When she is not working and teaching, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, music and sketching. She is also an avid animal lover and is setting a goal to donate funds to the RCMP K9 unit, to enable the dept. to purchase bullet proof vests for their K9s’.