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GoBC Real Estate School is a top-producing real estate and mortgage industry school! Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have questions that are not answered here, contact us at 778-881-5579 or email using the form at the bottom of this page.

You will need to register with the Sauder School of Business at UBC Real Estate Division. Please click here to get our free step by step guide on How To Get Real Estate License in BC and How To Get Mortgage Broker License in BC
UBC is the University of British Columbia. Sauder School Of Business is a real estate division. If you want to be a Realtor or Mortgage Broker - The first thing you need to do is register with UBC as they are the ones you will be challenging the exam with.
GOBC is a fast track training company that teach you what you need to know to challenge the UBC exam, in a very short space of time - together with our classes and online module.
GOBC has been established for over 16 years and is 90% referral based. We are referred by some of the top Real Estate Brokerages and by past students. The Instructors at GOBC have a passion for what they do and actually care about the students - you are not just a number to us, but a name! A combination of our classes, our amazing online module, and passionate caring Instructors gives you the best chance of success!
If you want to be a Realtor or Mortgage Broker in British Columbia - It is a MANDATORY requirement that you register with UBC. You can then decide to use a fast track training company like GOBC to assist you.
No! You have a choice to study the course through UBC on your own, or you can choose GOBC to assist you getting this done in a much shorter space of time.
Typically it takes most students between 6 - 12 months or longer to complete the course. This depends on the time you put into it.
GOBC advise that if you choose our program to assist you, it is better to stick to one style of learning - or it could get very confusing - a bit like learning to cook from two Chefs - the each has their own style and recipe!
GOBC does not use the books and course material that UBC send you. We have our own books and course material; so as soon as you have registered with UBC - You can get started with GOBC straight away!
Students can join GOBC at any time while the Law chapters are being taught - Once the Math has started - students can join in at the first class of Math but not in the middle. If you need any clarification on this just give us a call!
UBC has a 10-week minimum period that you can write your exam. You will have to submit 20 assignments and are only permitted to submit 2 assignments a week.
GOBC's online module will give you a very good indication if you are ready to write! Once you are scoring 90% in all the quizzes and the mock exams consistently - you know you are ready! If you have taken the full course package with GOBC - Your instructor will also advise you as to when they feel you are ready!
No! UBC does have regularly scheduled exams, but also have computerized exams that can be taken during weekdays. GOBC recommends booking one if these exams, as you get your results usually within 24hrs - rather than waiting a few weeks with the scheduled exams.
If you dedicate yourself and attend all classes and use our online module - you will pass! GOBC gives you all the tools and support you need. Like anything in life - you will get out what you put in!
GOBC is very honest. It is impossible to guarantee you will pass unless someone writes the exam for you! As previously mentioned if you put in the hard work and commitment needed - you will pass!
GOBC has been established for over 16 years and we have taken the material that UBC need you learn and we have simplified and compressed it. We teach you what you need to know. Nothing more and nothing less!
If you fail your UBC exam, you will have to wait a minimum of 3 months before you are permitted to write the exam again.
GOBC have 3 locations - Vancouver, Surrey and Langley. All of our locations have free and convenient parking!
This can be a confusing decision! GOBC welcomes you to come to a FREE TRIAL class to see what's it likes and will also send you a FREE Trial account of our online module. So you can experience what the course consists of before you purchase it! If you decide to purchase an expensive pair of shoes - you wouldn't buy them without trying them on first to make sure they fit!