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Why You Should Become a Real Estate Agent After University

Why You Should Become a Real Estate Agent After University

become a real estate agent after university


Since you’ve graduated university, a career in real estate might have crossed your mind. You’ve never worked in real estate before, but you might have heard about classmates who did part-time. You might not even have a degree related to real estate. But the thought of becoming a real estate agent is still dancing around in your mind.

There’s a whole lot of reasons why you’d consider getting your real estate license. You might be curious and have seen other people succeed at it. The bottom line is you’re a fresh graduate in your 20s.

Should you go into real estate? Below we’ll talk about the 4 reasons you might want to become a real estate agent after university.


Earning lots of money

As a university graduate, you may be new to the white-collar workforce. When it comes to your career, you might have very little experience or no experience at all. Becoming a real estate agent in Vancouver has many benefits. The most significant of them all is the ability to earn lots of money.

If you’re a recent graduate you’re probably looking for a job that can help cover the liabilities of your student loans, rent, and other expenses. You might want a new car, to go on a vacation, or even buy your first home. There’s also your goals that you want to accomplish in the future as well. The fact you are striving so hard to satisfy these objectives puts you at an advantage over many others. You’re hungry.

You know that there’s one thing that can help you accomplish your goals and objectives: money. Being a real estate agent gives you the opportunity to make your own income. You’re not capped at a salary, and you don’t have to wait for a yearly raise to earn more. Real estate agents have control of their income, which is why the top agents in Vancouver are said to earn over six figures.

But if money’s not what you’re after, being a real estate agent has a few more benefits to recent graduates.


Building a strong network

Networking with others is a daily activity for real estate agents. Not only does building a strong networking help with your career, it can also benefit you for the rest of your life. Meeting new people on a daily basis and adding them to your contact list can arm you with some pretty powerful people.

Real estate agents in Vancouver will likely build relationships with well-connected people. The housing market isn’t exactly the most affordable, but Vancouver is a city that many people desire to call home. Due to the higher prices of real estate properties, you can expect the more successful individuals or families are looking through RE/MAX listings.

Aside from attending networking events, you’ll be interacting with these clients on a daily basis. When you are helping clients buy or sell their home, there needs to be a huge amount of trust. Trust is built through relationships, and having relationships with these people can result in a strong network.

Your next client could be a veterinarian, contractor, or even lawyer. Who knows, you or your friends might need to see one of these professionals one day.


Learning useful skills

Sticking your neck out and jumping into the process of becoming a real estate agent will teach you more than a few things. First of all, you’re going to learn that being a real estate agent means being self-employed. What this means is that when you stop working, you stop making money. The decisions you make have a heavy hand in how your future unfolds.

You will need to learn how to sell, hustle, negotiate, and think creatively. You’ll need to learn about finance, law, marketing, and customer service. Real estate agents need to be able to communicate complicated transactions and translate terms so that their clients understand. Your people skills and communication skills are always going to be sharpened as you meet new personalities.

You’ll learn the ebbs and flows of the Vancouver real estate market, what to do when you’ve hit rock bottom, and how to accept an award with grace. Being a real estate agent puts you in many situations, both positive and negative.

A university graduate will value the opportunity to continue growing, learning, and experiencing what life has to offer. A career in real estate can provide you with an opportunity to learn real life skills, skills that you won’t learn in the classroom.

If learning useful skills still haven’t helped you make up your mind, then maybe you need to find out if you have a passion for real estate.


Following your passion

When the days get tough, your network starts to fizzle, and the money isn’t coming in, then all that’s left to fuel you is your passion. You won’t enjoy being a real estate agent if you’re strictly motivated by money. You need to have a passion for helping people. You need to truly believe in what you’re doing because you will be required to invest time in learning the trade.

If you feel that you have any sort of passion for real estate, then you need to go out and follow it. The strongest reason behind your potential decision to become a real estate agent should be that it’s your true calling.

If you’re a recent graduate, you’re most likely still young. You haven’t experienced a lot in life, so why not do something you know you’ll truly love. When you know you want to be a real estate agent, then you should go take the first steps and start your career. You are at the best time in your life to take risks, so why not try your hand at something you’ll enjoy?

If there’s anything that will help you make the decision to get your real estate license, it’s the look of a regret in a man’s eyes.


It will take some time before you finally decide on a career choice. Whether it’s being a REALTOR or not, you need to be sure. Earning lots of money, building a strong network, learning useful skills, and possibly following your passion is what you should expect out of a real estate career.

If you’re still undecided, you can come on over to GOBC Real Estate School and try out a free class. There’s no commitment required – just give us a call or fill out the form to the right. We can help you explore the idea of becoming a real estate agent.

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How does the idea of becoming a real estate agent sound to you now?

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