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If You Self-Study, it will take you:

If You Study with GOBC Fast Track Method:

How do we Achieve this?

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1. Video Lessons

Instead of reading a 1000 pages book with Law and Math technical terms, GOBC condensed in a clean clear VIDEO for EACH CHAPTER the key concepts and keywords you need to understand. Each video lesson focuses on the fastest and  way to get through each chapter.


You can download GOBC app to watch all the video on the go. You can practice your chapter quizzes over and over, look up the hints and reach out to you instructor for help with specific questions from chapters or to your designated student coordinator for studying tips and general information.

3. Cheat Sheet

You can read  an ENTIRE chapter in 10 minutes or less, using our proprietary cheat sheets. All the keywords, clues and commonly seen questions will be given to you.

4. Practice Quizzes

The practice QUIZZES are key to make sure you understood the key concepts. The questions are 100% related to the chapter and you can see your scores. You can use the “Hint” button when you are not sure what option to choose and if you still have a question, you have another option to post for an explanation from an instructor.

Why people choose GOBC:

  • Exam Pass Rate: 99% pass rate: Highest in BC.
  • Courses: Fast Track Real Estate, Mortgage, Property and Strata Management courses, LIVE and ONLINE.
  • Location: 3 BC area locations + Live Virtual  Classes for the Entire Province.
  • Payment Plans: Payment plan options are available for the GOBC Premium Course.
  • Tools: Exclusive access to the GOBC Online Course Platform, GOBC Success Group and GOBC app to watch the video on the go; assisting students with the Post Licensing Course at UBC.
  • Job Placement Assistance:  GOBC provides Job Placement with the TOP brokerages all around B.C.
  • Only school to offer mentorship programs & recruiting by top brokerages.
  • Classes are offered in English and Punjabi languages.

GOBC Pricing & Registration included in a Free Trial


Using science to your benefit:

The complete course is audited by SIX SIGMA black belt  Engineers that created a course with mistake free processes. That includes YOU ARE NEVER ON YOUR OWN, we monitor all your progress and scores and you will never go for the exam if you do not ACHIEVE the  standard we defined you need in order to pass the exam on your first try.

After you pass the exam:

If your goal is to pass the UBC exam , your goal is incomplete. Your goal should be to get license fast with the least time and money spent, but also get organize for what is next after your pass the exam and have access to work with the best teams and mentors that will help you to close your first deal. GOBC  helps you with job placement and you will have access to GOBC network.

The more you learn, the more you earn.

After GOBC helps you to get licensed fast , and help you to join the best team, mentors and network, you need to keep learning about the industry and other key stills you need to master. Sales, Healthy Finances, Building the right relationships, Routines, Tools and systems. You will have access to this courses at a discount price.

Get to the next level:

"Never depend on a single income" Warren Buffet. As part of Exclusive GOBC network, we will have access to Successful Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Lenders, etc. Inside this network, you can get in touch directly to six and seven figures earners and learn from their success.

"Never Depend On a Single Income"
Warren Buffett

What our students have to say about us?

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    GOBC Success Stories:
    If they can do it - You CAN do it!

    Sidra Sabzwari

    Specialist in High-end Properties
    Being featured in “BC Businesses Top 100” and “BC Businesses Top Under 30” magazines

    Jas Oberoi

    'Ranked 1 of the Top 100 Agents in Whole Western Canada for RE/MAX -2018.'
    Top 2% of All Real Estate Agents in BC in his 2nd year of his career

    Kristy Masaro

    2019 Medallion Award (Top 9%)
    2018 Medallion Award (Top 3%)
    2017 Medallion Award (Top 3%)

    Bob Edwards

    Top 2% of All Real Estate Agents in BC.
    $600,000+ in commissions

    Coleen Fergusan

    Sold 92 houses in the first year as a single mom

    Adrian Cabanos
    Adrian Cabanos

    Adrian joins the Fraser Valley’s #1 Real Estate Team. The Marfori Group and sold 43 homes, a total value of $30,000,000 worth of real estate in his first year!

    active top producers