Online Only

You will get:

  • Full Online account access with all chapter videos, chapter cheatsheets, quizzes and 10 + Mock exams.
  • GOBC Cheatsheets for each chapter (You will NEVER use UBC books following the gobc program, welcome to through them out!).
  • Practice Quizzes with Hints for each chapter and extra help with the live instructor if something still unclear.
  • 24 hours of access to the GOBC program.
  • GOBC APP to watch the videos on the go.
  • Exclusive access to GOBC Private Group where you will be able to see all the new exam and schedule updates and talk to other students.
  •  Help with UBC Assignments.
  • MOCK Exams.
  • We update your mock exams every month. You will get a great sense of your progress after you finish all of your mock exams. Only if you did well on all of them, you will book your Final exam at UBC.
  • Assistance with job Placement once you licensed
  •  Sale Courses access to many sales course created and developed for GOBC students to help you achieve great results in your New profession

Real Estate Course

Mortgage Broker Course

Property Management Course

Strata Management Course