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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends ENTIRELY on you and the time you can devote to your studies. GOBC’s course is designed to be finished in 10 weeks, but this can vary depending on each individual’s schedule, commitment, and learning skills. We also modify our course anytime UBC modifies theirs, so this is subject to change over time.

Each of our online videos are available with two different instructors. You can choose to follow the style you understand best or a mix of both.

Those who enrol in Live Zoom classes will have access to all 6 instructors.

UBC administers the licensing examination and the UBC real estate course is mandatory for getting your license. UBC registration is your first step.

GOBC’s real estate course is a companion to the UBC course. GOBC helps you learn the UBC material and pass the exam.

We make studying for the real estate exam simple, easy to follow, and fun, so everyone has the best possible chance to pass the exam.

We’ll show you exactly how to submit your required UBC assignments on time. (And it usually only takes 10 minutes!) GOBC guides you through each step so you don’t waste your time.

Most of our students work or have other commitments alongside studying for the exam. Our students love the flexible schedules we provide, with online access 24/7, our study-as-you-go app, and easy to follow weekly study plan. 

Absolutely. This is the MOST popular option among GOBC students because of the flexibility and the option to watch your favourite instructor. The program is designed to be effective no matter which options you choose, so you can choose what works best for your individual needs. Please note that online access is restricted to Canada only. The course materials cannot be accessed outside of the country.

We encourage you to TRY it before you buy it because we want you to feel completely confident about your purchase.

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At GOBC, we care about our students and want to make it affordable to everyone! GOBC is the ONLY School in BC that offers payment plans! + Zero interest
If you follow the Study Plan that we provide, you will finish way before 16 weeks. But Life happens and sometimes even 16 weeks is not enough. Extensions are available to current students who want to keep access to the full course for a longer period of time. This way, you can keep studying right up to the date of your exam, even if life gets in the way during the first few months.
19 is the legal age in BC to get licensed. We have students who take our course while they are still 18, pass the exam, and then apply for their license when they turn 19. (But be careful about starting too early because you must apply for your license within one year after passing your exam.) We also have students in their 70’s who pass their exams and have a successful real estate career!
The “exam readiness” meter inside your Student Dashboard will show you at a glance if you’re ready or not! It tracks your quiz scores, lesson completion, mock exam scores, and more to give you a clear view of what you need to review and how close you are to your goal. You will have access to the end-of-course mock exams that prepare you to sit for the UBC exam. This is one of the best parts of GOBC course.
No, those questions will be given to you in a quiz format to practice with as well as select UBC assignment questions. Plus, you’ll get HINTS for each quiz question which explain why each option is correct or incorrect. Our students love this tool as they gain a full understanding of the material instead of just memorizing it.
We’re proud of the fact that GOBC has the highest passing rate in the industry! We can’t guarantee success on the exam (since we can’t control each individual’s level of commitment), but we have seen time and time again that students who follow our system and do the work pass the exam on the first try.
Our team is committed to keeping our mock exams as up-to-date and relevant as possible – this is the key to our high success rate. Questions are often worded differently on the UBC exams, but we teach you how to read the question carefully, understand what it’s asking, and answer confidently. That way, no matter how it’s worded, you’ll know how to answer.
We care for our students’ success before AND after passing the exam. And with over 20 years of teaching in this industry, we’ve created the best connections with top brokerages and teams across the Province. Students will also get our GOBC Alumni Success Pack after passing the UBC exam which will help you confidently take those next steps to start your real estate career.
Yes! Many of our students have finished the entire course in less than 10 weeks but it depends on you and how much time you can devote to your studies.
Absolutely! The program is effective for students at all stages of course study. UBC requires you to wait for 3 months after your failed attempt, which is a perfect opportunity to start the GOBC course and be ready to pass the exam when it’s time!